Am I Supposed to Be Afraid of G-d?

Dear Ask-The-Rabbi Rabbi, When my grandfather passed away, someone described him as a “G‑d-fearing man.” I’m still trying to digest that one. Is that good or bad? Isn’tG‑d all about love? Why am I supposed to be scared of Him?

—Alvie Nidislov

Hi Alvie, Love that question. I once met a man named Marvin Elkind, who told me he never knew fear—except for once in his lifetime. And Marvin hadn’t exactly led a dull life. His parents had put him in a foster home as a child because he was so belligerent. He had fought as a professional boxer, and once worked as a driver for the biggest gangsters in New York. When I met him, he was secretly working for the Toronto police force, turning in the most dangerous criminals. But only one thing had ever scared him. What was it? To Continue reading this article please click HERE:  

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