The Kabbalah of Jewish Food


In this lecture, delivered by Mrs. Rochel Kaplan, we delve deeper into the idea of Kabbalah. We hear and read a lot about Kabbalah, but did you know that it’s actually possible to live your life following the precepts of Kabbalah? Through infusing spirituality into physicality , we bring about a balance in the world. The achievement of this balance is the fundamental goal of Kabbalah. Food plays a big role in our lives. Not only for pleasure, food also has the ability to be elevated to a high spiritual level. All the Jewish foods we eat- think Matzah and gefilte fish- has a deeper meaning according to kabbalah. In this fascinating talk, given at the National Jewish Retreat, Mrs. Rochel Kaplan explains these concepts, as well as a guide to “The Kosher Diet”, and how it can help you live your life better.